WordPress Page Builder and Theme

Want a fast and simple way to build a sectioned page?  You can’t beat the easy and fast Beaver Builder!

Beaver Builder


Forms, Fields, Custom Views, Membership areas

An all in one solution that handles custom post types, custom views, access control for membership areas — geez, you can’t beat the value!  Just adding up a couple of components would cost you more for a one year license for one site. WP-Toolset started off as Types and Views, but it has grown into a true toolset!

WP Toolset



Fastest, easiest, and quickest way to make a useful form, and it is backed by two developers that have some of the best track records for feature additions and great support!  You can’t beat it, including how easily you can add a simple order form that completes a Stripe or PayPal form! WOW. I had one up recently in less than ten minutes!!!  It took longer to set up the accounts!


NOTE:  Get the lifetime license while you can! That option will disappear. I missed out on the Opt-In Monster lifetime because I thought they’d keep it around. They didn’t — the price kept going up and eventually vanished!

I have to mention Formidable Pro here — I do see it as superior to Gravity or Ninja, but it’s expensive. I may add my affiliate link, but I have a hard time recommending it for simple forms when you can get WPForms for a song right now. Besides, WP Toolset can handle all of the complex forms thinking…   look at that if you want something that does more than WPForms.


Email Marketing

I’m endeared because it’s run by a pack of Poles, but really you can’t beat the comprehensive marketing package in GET RESPONSE! Email marketing, and more.



On a Shoestring Budget?

For a more DIY, managed on your server approach, try sendy. It uses an Amazon SES account (you set that up) and buy Sendy once. Sendy is well heeled enough to run on a shared hosting account, but trust me — set your email queue ro send only 1 or 2 per second — it will run faster on shared hosting that way!



DISCLAIMER:  Those are affiliate links. I get a kickback, whether it be cash (yes, cold hard cash) in my hand or free service. If you don’t click my links, someone else gets that cash. That’s an advertising fee. I recommend these things because I like and use them and have found them to be the best in breed. Some of the ones I do not recommend are actually paying higher affiliate fees! So believe me, those recommendations are because that’s the gold product!